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Friday, July 8, 2011

Were your sprinklers running in the rain?

Sprinklers in the rain = money down the drain
Yesterday's downpour along the Front Range is a good reminder to all of us with sprinkler systems that we need that "gizmo" to keep them from watering during or right after a deluge.

This gizmo could be a variety of quick add-ons to your sprinkler system. These devices either shut off the system right after a big rain or constantly monitor weather and/or moisture data to tell the sprinkler system to run only when it needs to.

Whichever gizmo you choose, you won't get caught with sprinklers throwing water on top of already soaked grass. And the money you save in water costs will also help cover the cost of the device. Plus, there may even be rebates from your water district to recoup more of your costs.

Sprinkler gizmos that save water
Moisture sensor/rain shut-off devices
There are many products from very simple to more high-tech varieties--but they are all designed to keep the sprinklers from running when there is adequate moisture in the ground. These devices pay for themselves in a short time. Even the most basic, but still effective device, can be purchased and installed for less than $100.

Timers that take charge
The timer or controller that is programmed to tell your sprinkler system when to operate is the most critical water management device on your sprinkler system.

The most basic sprinkler timers rely on the property owner to tell them when to run and when not to run. If we are off in our timing--or don't make seasonal adjustments throughout the growing season--it will just keep doing what we told it to do and the lawn may suffer the consequences. The lawn's water needs when we set the timer in May are much different than they are in the heat of July.

To manage your lawn and your water effectively, think about replacing a traditional timer with a more sophisticated and high-tech one. These devices can really manage your system for you--and they are affordable.

Watering timers like Smart Controllers and ET Controllers take over whether you are at home or away. Depending on the model, they can monitor local weather data, use historical weather data and/or relate to real-time conditions in your own yard to determine whether your sprinkler should run--or not.

There are many good models available and one of them could be just what you need in your yard. Collectively, they offer us a very sustainable option that helps conserve water for the good of the community while helping to cut our individual water use and costs.

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