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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Are you growing perennials?

Why perennials are a great and sustainable landscape bargain

Have you thought about why perennials are absolutely great for Colorado gardens? Unlike annuals such as petunias, you buy them once and plant them once, and enjoy them for many seasons to come. That's a great bargain. Planting low-water varieties, ups the sustainability factor, too.

How perennials are different from annuals

We love annuals for their instant color and because they bloom all summer long, but perennials are also stunning. Here are some things to consider:

• Most perennials bloom for only part of the growing season, though some bloom longer than others.

• To keep ongoing color in your yard, select plants with staged bloom times so that as one plant stops blooming, another one starts. Tulips bloom early in the spring, iris and peonies are soon to follow and later, daisies will bloom.

• To have the right variety of plants that will keep the color going all season long, work with a landscape designer.

• Perennials require patience their first year because they get off to a slow start while getting used to their new digs.

• It's temping to plant them close together for bigger impact--but better if you space them so they have room to grow over time.

• After two or three growing seasons, many will be big enough to divide. That's another bargain--two or three plants for the price of one!

When you think of perennials, consider using Plant Select plants that have been developed specifically for the often irritable growing conditions facing Colorado gardeners. Here are five to consider.
Fuhrman's red salvia - Grows 18-24" tall, 12-24" wide; has right red blooms from June to October. Grows well in full sun and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

Coronado red hyssop - Grows 15-18" tall, 12-15" wide and has spikes of tiny red blooms that are most prolific July to September. Good in full sun and attracts bees and butterflies.

Turkish Veronica - Groundcover grows 1-2" tall, 15-18" wide; has blue flowers in May and June. Grows in full sun to partial shade. Use between stepping stones or instead of lawn in small areas.

Shadow Mountain® penstemon - Grows 18-24" tall, 15-18" wide in sunny conditions. Has lavender-blue flowers that bloom from throughout summer. Adapts well to wide range of gardens.

Blonde Ambition blue grama grass - Grows 30-36" tall, 20-26" wide in full sun to partial shade. This ornamental grass has large, showy seed heads that are great in cut arrangements.


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